A shout-out to my Virtual Assistant Sisters

A Shout-Out to My Virtual Assistant Sisters

By Tanya Kuhrt

This International Women’s day I’d like to celebrate Virtual Assistants. Of course there are some male VAs out there (we need more!)  but generally it is still an industry dominated by women.

From women in the Philippines working as VAs for a few dollars an hour, to Virtual Executive PAs, the variety of skills and and accomplishments we share between us is amazing.

The industry has been criticised in the press for  being exploitative – and naming no names, there are agencies and businesses that do take advantage by paying very low rates whilst providing no employment security. 

However the flip side is that it provides a much needed opportunity for flexible working hours to women around the world who continue to have to juggle career and family life as they have done for so long.

And with so many choosing now to go down the freelance route there are plenty of opportunities to charge higher rates of pay and earn a very good living.

We are a sisterly community, sharing our knowledge with each other to advance this amazing, opportunity- filled industry.

A big thank you to all of my fellow Virtual Assistants – wherever you are in the world – for just, well – being there. Let’s shout out our support for everyone in our industry and encourage more women worldwide to take the steps towards going freelance and being independent!A shout-out to my Virtual Assistant Sisters

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